I have been a chiropractor in Eltham since 1985. During that time I have cared for everyone from young children to elderly patients as old as 95 years of age. I have treated everyone from elite athletes to people that are more sedentary. Whether you want to perform your sports as well as possible, be active with your kids, or just get through life being as healthy as you can, I'm here to help you. When you come in to see me I will diagnose your  problem and thoroughly explain it to you. I will then explain what I need to  do to deal with the problem and, importantly, what you need to do to help yourself. I will closely ask you about your daily routine because so often people contribute to their recurring problems by unknowingly performing daily tasks incorrectly. The same can be said for athletes and their exercise regimens if their programs are not quite right for their individual needs. Whether you have an acute severe condition, a chronic recurring condition or just get a few aches and pains or headaches that build up over time, I can help you. If I recognise that your problem would best be treated by a medical doctor or some other health professional I will refer you accordingly and we will work as a team to get you well.


All Chiropractors, GP's, and other registered health professionals are required to do a specified number of hours of continuing education each year. Some of my formal  qualifications are listed below.

  • BSc (Bachelor of Science)- University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point USA

  • BAppSc (Chiropractic)- Phillip Institute of Technology Bundoora Victoria

After five years of study I received my BSc with teaching certification and taught science for two years before I did five more years of study to receive my BAppSc in Chiropractic Science.

This provided further training in the use of ultrasound therapy, low  level laser therapy, interferential therapy and dry needling.

  • Certification in Physiological Therapeutics- Phillip Institute of Technology



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