We have retired.


We would like to thank you all for your trust in us in meeting your needs over the 36 years of practice.


We will miss the acquaintances and friendships we have made over that time.


No one will be taking over  the chiropractic practice as such but the premises will remain a clinic of some sort according to the new owners.


The closest chiropractors to my clinic are at a clinic called MY Chiropractic at 3/672 Main Road, Eltham. There are 5 Chiropractors there in a lovely old house and although I do not know them personally, I have heard good feedback so you might want to give them a try if it is convenient for you. Their website is www.mychiropractic.com.au and their phone number is (03) 8418 1445.


Thanks again.


Eltham Chiropractic &

Sports Injuries Clinic